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Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Moss

What is Sea Moss?

Surprisingly, Sea Moss (aka Chondrus Crispus or Irish Moss) is not a moss! It's a type of seaweed superfood that spends its entire lifecycle soaking up the vitamins and nutrients nature has to offer, primarily in the Atlantic waters. Folks have been using it as a gel for thousands of years to fill gaps in their nutrition, treating ailments, as skin care, hair care, etc.

What can I use my Sea Moss for?

Sea Moss in it's gel or dried form can be used in many ways!

1. In foods to increase the nutrient content (smoothies, soups, baked goods, teas, etc.)

2. Face masks

3. Skin moisturizer 

4. Soaps 

5. Shower gels 

6. A vegan thickening agent

7. Capsules

Is the Sea Moss made fresh to order?

Of course! We make multiple new batches daily, to ensure the freshest results.

Is your sea moss Organic?

Yes! Our Sea Moss is 100% organic, and responsibly harvested along the nutrient-dense coasts of the Atlantic.

What kind of Sea Moss do you sell?

We sell Chondrus Crispus, also known as Carrageen Moss, which grows along the Atlantic coasts.

How much Sea Moss should I take?

Our suggested serving size is 2 tablespoons per day for our Sea Moss gel.

How should I store my Sea Moss?

It depends! For the Gel Sea Moss, it is essential to refrigerate as soon as you receive it, because we do NOT use any preservatives to extend the shelf-life. 

For the Raw Sea Moss, store in a cool, dry place, such as your pantry.

How long is the Sea Moss good for?

It depends! The Gel Sea Moss lasts about 5 weeks, when refrigerated, because we do NOT use any harmful preservatives to extend the shelf-life.  It can be frozen for later use for up to 6 months. If you take the recommended serving size daily, the jar should be finished in a little over 2 weeks. 

Our Raw Sea Moss is good for 2 years, if stored in a cool, dry place. 

Can I take the Sea Moss while pregnant?

Although Sea Moss is highly nutritious and has historically been used by many during pregnancy for thousands of years, we do recommend that you consult your health care provider to get the proper serving size tailored to you before consuming.

Can I give Sea Moss to a child?

Although we normally find that Sea Moss is safe for infants and children, we recommend that you consult your child's healthcare provider to get the proper serving size tailored for their needs.

Can I take Sea Moss while taking Iodine medication? (For Thyroid)

Although some take Sea Moss as an alternative to traditional thyroid medication to treat low iodine levels, we do not recommend that you consume Sea Moss before consulting your healthcare provider.

How do I know if my Sea Moss is spoiled?

Our Sea Moss gel naturally has a mild salt water smell, but you will know when your Sea Moss is spoiled when it gets an abnormally pungent odor accompanied with mold.

Can I take Sea Moss if I am allergic to Shell Fish?

Although we try our best to remove all traces of shell fish with limited processing, our Sea Moss may be cross contaminated with shell fish due to being harvested from the Atlantic waters.

What is the difference between Gold and Purple Sea Moss?

Purple Sea Moss (which we sell in gel and raw form) is dried indoors in a food-safe environment, whereas the gold Sea Moss is bleached and dried by the sun. As a result of the outdoor bleaching process, the gold sea moss has a lower nutrient content than purple Sea Moss. 

How do I prepare dried Sea Moss?

  1. Wash 1oz of dry Sea Moss thoroughly to remove sand & debris.   
  2. Put Sea Moss in a bowl with enough water to cover completely & leave to rest for 6-12 hrs.   
  3. Drain Sea Moss & rinse again.   
  4. Lightly cut up Sea Moss so it is easier on blender blades.   
  5. Add Sea Moss & desired amount of water into blender & blend.   
  6. Pour Sea Moss into sealed container & refrigerate for at least 2 hours before to allow gel to form.   
  7. Use 2-3 tbsp in your favorite teas, smoothies, soups, etc.

Where is your sea moss from?

Our wild-harvested sea moss is sustainably sourced from the nutrient-rich Atlantic Ocean waters off the coast of Maine. We partner with local seaweed harvesters who hand-collect the sea moss using environmentally responsible, small-scale methods that protect the marine ecosystem. The harvesters only take what is needed, leaving plenty behind to regenerate naturally. This ensures a reliable supply of fresh, high-quality sea moss straight from the ocean to you.

Elderberry Tonic

What is the Elderberry Tonic used for?

Our potent Elderberry Tonic isn’t just a cold remedy, but a year round immune toner that is packed with wholesome antioxidants and vitamins that are known to strengthen the immune system. We recommend that it be consumed as is or in smoothies.

What is in the Elderberry Tonic?

The Elderberry Tonic consists of a blend of elderberry, hibiscus, licorice, wild cherry bark, marshmallow root, ginger root, elecampane, coltsfoot, elderflower, slippery elm, catnip, eucalyptus, cayenne pepper and honey. 

How do I consume the Elderberry Tonic?

We recommend that you shake the jar well and consume 2 tablespoons a day for normal maintenance, and an entire shot (equivalent to 7-8 tablespoons) when sick.

What is the difference between the Elderberry Tonic you sell and the Elderberry Syrup in the stores?

  1. Our Elderberry Tonic includes all the immune strengthening properties the commercial syrups contain, WITHOUT the unnecessary sugar content. 
  2. Our Elderberry Tonic includes includes catalyst herbs, in addition to the elderberry, all serving to boost the infection fighting, immune toning benefits.

Can children consume the Elderberry Tonic?

We have a Kid Friendly, honey-free Tonic available for any children 1 and up.

How should I store the Elderberry Tonic?

We recommend that you store the Elderberry Tonic in the refrigerator, as soon as you receive it.

How long is the Elderberry Tonic good for?

When the recommended serving is taken daily, the Elderberry Tonic lasts a little over 2 weeks, however the formula is safe to leave in the refrigerator for up to 5 weeks. 

Mango Body Butters

What is the texture of your Body Butter?

Our mango body butter (chai spice and unscented) is whipped to perfection to feel like clouds on your skin. It's smooth and melts easily into your skin to provide ultimate protection and moisture.

How long does the body butter last?

Our body butter has a 1 year shelf-life.

What is the melting point of the body butter?

The melting point of our butter is 85 degrees. It is best kept at room temperature. If for some reason it melts, it can still be used as is, but the whipped texted may be reduced to a more balmy one when it solidifies again. 

How much should I use at a time?

A little goes a long way! Depending on the body part that you are moisturizing, start with a dime sized amount and go up as needed. 

Is the body butter organic?

All of the ingredients used to make our body butter are certified Organic!

Local Pickup

Do you offer local pickup?

We do not offer local pickup. If you would like to pickup locally, please view the list of our approved vendors and visit them to purchase our products in person:


Body Scrubs

How do I use the body scrubs?

Massage a handful of body scrub all over lightly damp skin, giving extra care to any dry or rough areas. Let sit for 1-2 minutes for more intensive moisturization. Rinse off. After bathing, apply the Two Niles Body Butter for extended skin hydration. Repeat every 1-2 times a week as needed.

How long do I leave the scrub on?

After rubbing in the scrub, leave on for no more than 1-2 minutes.

How often should I use the scrub?

No more than 1-2 times a week as needed. Too much of a good thing is NOT good! :)