Our Story

Nourishment from the Roots

Two Niles is born from the powerful belief that beauty and health should be simple. From herbal sea moss wellness gels to Sudanese inspired botanical face oils, we promise to always keep our products clean and gentle with fresh, plant-powered ingredients free of animal testing- because we believe in doing right by you and the planet.

Created by a daughter of the Nile

The creation of Two Niles was inspired by my upbringing in a Sudanese village, where I was surrounded by the powerful wisdom of herbalism practiced by the women in my community. From crafting nourishing conditioners for new mothers facing hair loss, to creating salves that brought relief to dry skin, these women understood how to unlock nature's potential for our well-being.

Inspired by those same aunties, I founded Two Niles to show the world that self-care doesn’t need to be complicated. In a beauty and health industry often overwhelmed by confusion and hype, we aim to champion clarity and simplicity. Our dedicated team, guided by the wisdom of my devoted sisters, merges the time-honored traditions of Sudanese herbalism with the precision of modern science- because we believe in doing right by you and the planet.