Nourishment from the roots

The East meets the West

Inspired by our Sudanese lineage, we set out to create clean, herbal health and beauty products that honor our ancestry’s wisdom, with a modern twist.

Let’s cut to the chase

We don’t hide behind misleading labeling and “natural” claims. Products that fix one problem while creating another make our skin itch. So when we set out to develop Two Niles, we wanted health and beauty that is clean, simple and nourishing. The result is everything we think health and beauty should be.

Created by a daughter of the Nile

When I moved to the US from Sudan, I turned my family’s house inside out trying to get rid of products with non-beneficial ingredients. In the search for the ideal self-care products, I found misleading labeling and problematic formulas. I decided to build my own brand, using ancestral wisdom from Sudan, land where the two Niles meet. I founded Two Niles with the belief that we don’t have to compromise our wellbeing for nourishing health and beauty. With every purchase, you support our mission of bringing the best herbal nourishment to our siblings in humanity.