Two Niles - Our Journey

A message from Wamda Abreesh, Two Niles Founder

Two Niles - Our Journey

A message from Wamda Abreesh, Two Niles Founder

A Sudanese Childhood

From a young age, I was obsessed with herbs, natural remedies, and healing. Growing up in a small Sudanese village, we didn’t have access to Western medicines or medication. Instead, we had to rely on Mother Nature to help us stay free of sickness - and she didn’t let us down.

As a girl, I spent time with my grandfather gathering plants and herbs from the plains around our village. He would tell me the traditional names of each plant, as well as their medicinal properties. Together, we would mix them into tonics and balms, then hand them out to our fellow villagers.

Learning and Growing

Inspired, this passion for herbalism and natural medicines continued after arriving in America. I spent years studying, reading, and nurturing my knowledge. I learned more about herbal medicines from around the world, as well as finding more about the herbs I’d encountered in my youth. 

I came to realize that the natural world is full of plants and herbs that have incredible healing and nourishing properties. But in the USA they’re often neglected and overlooked. I decided that in my own small way, I would do my best to change that.

Sea Moss For The People

One natural ingredient that especially intrigued me - and still does - is Sea Moss. It’s a wonder of nature, packed to bursting with vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the human body. At home with my mom, I started to make Sea Moss gels and tonics. First for myself, then for family, then for friends. This was real organic WIld Crafted my Sea Moss, plucked straight from the ocean, not bleached and grown commercially in pools.

Everyone loved my organic Sea Moss products, feeling healthier, happier, and energized. As word spread, things got a little crazy - everyone I knew (and plenty of folks I didn’t know) were clamoring for more! Eventually, I decided to take the next step and set up my own business. 

Two Niles, Past, Present, and Future

In 2018, Two Niles was born. We moved into a warehouse, and I started experimenting with other natural healing herbs and plants. Soon, Two Niles had a whole range of natural health and skin products. Many of them are inspired by my Sudanese heritage and the secrets of ancient Nubian medicine. Demand continues to grow, with shops in Kansas City and beyond stocking our brand.

I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished! We helped thousands of people to nourish their bodies and take care of their wellbeing. Our future is bright! I hope you can be a part of it.