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Benefits of Natural Beauty Products

Best skin care products with natural ingredients, There’s a trend in the beauty industry, and it’s taking the industry by storm – it’s none other than “clean beauty.” Everywhere you turn, especially on social media, you’ll see influencers with a large following talking about it. You’ll hear claims about how they went all natural and their skin thanked them for it. 

Even on store shelves, you’ll see various products with language like “nontoxic” together with pretty plant pictures on their packaging. According to a research by Brainy insights, the natural skincare market is projected to increase by 100% to $12.27 billion in 2030.

This increased awareness can be linked to the effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and most importantly, skin benefits of using natural ingredients for beauty products. For this reason, we’ll show you the reasons and benefits of going natural. 

1. Organic or natural skin care products don’t contain harmful ingredients.

Pick up an organic and non-organic skin care product, then read the ingredients contained within them. Can you recognize the ingredients on the non-organic product? If you can’t, there’s every possibility that your body won’t too.   

Some non-organic beauty products contain man-made and synthetic chemicals like Laureth sulfate, sodium laurel, and mineral oils. Some even contain toxins of pesticide residues with parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, and other chemicals that may be harmful to the body. Using them for extended periods can lead to organ toxicity, hormone imbalance, skin irritation, and cancer.

2. They’re safe for animals and the environment 

It may come to you as a shock that beauty product manufacturers use animals when testing their products. Unfortunately, several large companies in the industry are guilty of this. Worse still, it’s not only detrimental to the animals in question, but it also damages the environment and ecosystem. 

Luckily, manufacturers of natural skincare products don’t do this, in fact, they ensure they don’t hurt other living beings. They’re more empathetic and ethical when compared to synthetic brands. 

3. Natural best skin care products have great health benefits

We’re sure you must’ve heard the saying that “Black don’t crack.” The reason for this is not farfetched. You can trace it to the fact that several Africans opt for naturally occurring ingredients like cocoa and Shea butter for their skincare routine.

These ingredients help seal moisture, reduce skin dryness, boost skin health, and even protect your skin against ageing. 

4. They’re safe on the skin

Safety on the skin is the primary reason natural skin care products are better when compared to their synthetic counterparts. When you apply a non-organic product to your skin, the ingredients within sink into your bloodstream slowly, where they affect the body’s processes.

The best part is that certified organic products are gotten from plants and other natural ingredients. Also, these natural ingredients are grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and other chemicals or additives. This way, you’re sure your body and skin only absorb natural and real ingredients that are not harmful.

5. Natural products are non-allergenic

Organic skin care products hardly ever cause irritations, allergic reactions, or inflammations as they don’t have harsh chemicals in them. However, if such happens after using an organic product, there’s every chance it was caused by a natural ingredient like strawberries or peanuts, which you can identify easily.

With the above reasons, we believe switching to organic and natural products is a no-brainer you should consider without delay. You can start by checking out our store to see a range of natural products that are both pocket-friendly and helpful to your body. 


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